Meet Action Helsingborg!

Action Helsingborg! What is it and how can you be involved?
Online webinar Thursday, May 28, 2020 at 15.30-16.30

Find out about Helsingborg Municipality’s initiative to combat the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on local business and society.

”We’re very pleased to announce our second online event, when you’ll be able to hear how Action Helsingborg is providing the opportunity for local residents and businesses to take action, engage and support one another during the current pandemic. We’re delighted to introduce our guest speaker, Simon Wikstrand, Head of Marketing for Helsingborgs stad. Simon’s energy and previous experience in entertainment, sports, gaming and entrepreneurship give him a wide-ranging perspective, which he has brought to his current role. He’s passionate about involving the whole community in shaping and progressing Action Helsingborg and keen to spread the word! Join us to find out what Action Helsingborg can do for you – and just as importantly, what you can do for it! We will be recording this event but you can choose not to enable your video if you would prefer to be out of view!”

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Helsingborg Business Forum is a collaboration of PeersBridge, Helsingborg International Connections, Open Space Mindpark and HBG Business Community.

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